How much does Call Trax Pro cost?

Call Trax Pro has the lowest pricing options for the small, mid, and large users. Our Call Tracking numbers cost $2.50 per month per number AFTER the first (6) six that come with your account. If you need over 50 numbers in your account we can give a bulk discount for yearly payments. Our standard … Read more

Does Call Trax Pro replace my current phone system?

Call Trax Pro will NOT replace your current phone system. If you would like to have ALL your telecom services and needs with us, just ask and fill out the PORT REQUEST and we will gladly work with you on the transition.

What is Call Trax Pro and how can it help my business?

There are so many ways, we hope that you will read our entire site and watch our videos. They will teach you the reasoning for getting call tracking better than a simple FAQ answer. But to give you an example, how many people called you for the last ad you took out on Instagram? I … Read more