10 Industries That Need Call Tracking Most

Call Tracking is nice to have for some businesses, but for some others it’s simply essential. These are businesses with complex or high-ticket products and services, that most of the times involve phone calls during the sales process. Here are 10 industries that need call tracking the most:

Marketing Agencies – Digital Marketers

As stated above, every agency and marketer is struggling to prove value to their clients. But to do so, they need to track every online and offline interaction their clients’ businesses have with customers. Tracking purely online conversions may provide a skewed view in terms of marketing performance and subsequently lead to wrong marketing decisions.

This is why every marketer should have a call tracking software in their marketing stack. To measure inbound calls, attribute them to the marketing activities driving them and optimize their efforts and budget to bring more customers and sales.  No matter how big or small the agency, call tracking helps deliver actionable insights to clients and at the same time reduce their customer acquisition costs.


Nobody buys a car over the phone, for sure. But phone calls still play a critical role at some point in the automotive sales funnel. Maybe research is done online in the first place, but automotive shoppers prefer scheduling appointments over the phone as a next step in the process, instead of completing an inquiry form. And here lies a significant opportunity for every car dealership: To convert a phone lead into an appointment and finally close the deal. In order to increase phone leads and sales similarly, every dealership needs to have a call tracking software in place.

For the industry, inbound calls are probably the most effective and valuable lead source and should be measured to get accurate performance insights. Besides, bridging the gap between online and offline interactions, helps automotive businesses facilitate the customer journey facing a higher propensity to increase sales.

Travel & Hospitality

Room service is not the only thing keeping hotel front desk staff busy… It’s new, potential customers as well! When looking to book a room, after the standard Google search, someone will next call to check the availability. And call tracking is the only advanced way for the hotelier to figure out which source generated the call. Tour operators, car rentals, retreats, and spas all rely heavily on phone bookings.

This is why tracking calls is imperative for improving website conversions and optimizing advertising efforts. In any other case, travel businesses are flying blind and probably wasting budget on marketing activities that do not convert. Moreover, call tracking empowers businesses to craft their interactions with customers and offer personalized experiences. As Alex Shashou, Alice co-founder and President,  states “No hotel guest is the same, which is why, above all else, hoteliers must perfect the practice of personalization and deliver tailored experiences to every single guest.”


Enrolling in a school is by all means a decision that requires a lot of research and consideration. Prospective students researching for a program often want to reach out to a human in order to quickly have their questions answered and to qualify their next school. For training and educational institutions, measuring the return on ad spend without a call attribution solution becomes nearly impossible. But in case they have a call tracking and analytics system in place, they can gain insights and adapt their strategy to generate more qualified leads and enrollments for their educational institutions.

Healthcare Practitioners

The internet might have changed the way people find a healthcare provider, but still what remains the same is the way they make an appointment: they pick up their phones and call. Be it a dentist, plastic surgeon, or psychologist, getting new patients to reach your practice is hard, and increasing competition further challenges how healthcare practitioners stand out.

As more of them turn to digital marketing to raise awareness for their healthcare services, call tracking, and analytics solution is a must for getting the most out of every campaign, reducing the cost of acquiring new patients, and excelling in the interactions with them.

Legal Services

Calls to lawyers are still one of the main ways people will initiate the process of finding legal help and unlike online contact forms, they can’t be measured if there isn’t a call tracking software in place. Understanding which campaigns are performing best driving calls to a specific law firm is some piece of knowledge that should be taken into account in order to increase appointments and avoid wasting budget in a niche that records high advertising costs. Finally, monitoring conversations through call recordings and transcriptions, you can spot weaknesses in communication and train your representatives to provide better customer service.

Financial Services

Financial products are some of the most complicated to decide on and finally purchase. Often times potential shoppers are left with more questions than answers and it comes as no surprise that the phone plays a critical role when consumers are in search of a mortgage, credit, insurance, or any other financial product. Call tracking software provides important customer insights to optimize marketing performance, but also excel at customer experience, training call agents, and providing more personalized customer services.

Real Estate

Real estate businesses rely heavily on phone calls, observing most of the times higher conversion rates against any other digital touch points. Whether at the top of the funnel or a little deeper, people in search of a home or business premises need to talk to a human and they prefer to turn to their dialpad to do so. This is why every real estate business that invests money in marketing activities among others should establish a call tracking software and increase its sales revenue.

Home Services

When a roof starts to leak or hot water stops running nobody waits to get help. They look for a local roofer or plumber to give them a call. Phone calls are highly involved in home improvement services. Taking into account that the majority of such businesses run Google Ads campaigns to reach new customers, a call tracking software can reveal the best performing keywords that drive prospective customers to call. Who wouldn’t tap into such insights to increase their customer base?


For brands running listing, directory, and marketplace services, showing customers how many phone leads were generated is fundamental in accurately proving the return on their investment. In a sense, this helps respective businesses foster long-term and most importantly win-win relationships with their clients.

Unless your business is among the aforementioned industries but it does receive a considerable amount of phone leads, then establishing a call tracking software should be 1 of your top priorities. This will help you marketing-wise, pinpointing your most effective campaigns, but also will help you improve your customer service through call recordings and transcriptions of your inbound calls.