Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Call Trax Pro cost?

Call Trax Pro has the lowest pricing options for the small, mid, and large users. Our Call Tracking numbers cost $2.50 per month per number AFTER the first (6) six that come with your account. If you need over 50 numbers in your account we can give a bulk discount for yearly payments. Our standard monthly account is $42.00 dollars plus any taxes or other governmental fees. The first 500 minutes of use are included in this amount. If you use more than 500 minutes monthly, you will be billed at $.025cents per minute. Yes, that is two and a half cents per minute which, is the lowest price online today!

Will Call Trax Pro work with my existing phone service?

Simple answer.... YES, we will work with ANY existing phone services. If you port your existing number(s) to us, there is no charge by us.

How do I know when a Call Trax Pro number is used to call me?

You will get a Call Detail Record along with the recording of the call. Having this will allow you to train your people even better! Some customers use, call whisper, so you hear a message that this call is from an ad online.

Can I have multiple numbers including toll free on one account?

Absolutely without a question. It is so easy to use any 'non-computer' person can set it up with ease! You can have unlimited amount of tracking numbers. We even train you how to use them properly if you are having issues!

Can I transfer my existing number to your service?

Simply, YES you can. We will assist with this to make it easier!

Can I request a specific phone number?

Vanity numbers are available. We will try to work with you on these needs. There is a small fee for a vanity number.

Does Call Trax Pro require a contract?

We do not have contracts! We are a month to month company, and you are always free to cancel without cost.

Can I use your service in other countries?

We have a great many customers that live 'across the pond' and they never have any issues! So the answer is YES!

Does Call Trax Pro replace my current phone system?

Call Trax Pro will NOT replace your current phone system. If you would like to have ALL your telecom services and needs with us, just ask and fill out the PORT REQUEST and we will gladly work with you on the transition.

What is Call Trax Pro and how can it help my business?

There are so many ways, we hope that you will read our entire site and watch our videos. They will teach you the reasoning for getting call tracking better than a simple FAQ answer. But to give you an example, how many people called you for the last ad you took out on Instagram? I mean, do you know exactly how many people dialed your phone number from that single ad? With Call Trax Pro, you WILL know exactly how many, who, their phone number, the time of day they called, how long they were on the phone with your sales people, and who the salesperson was. You will even be able to listen to the recording to see how well they sold the product/service of your company.