Call Analytics Reports

Real-time call analytics reports allow you to evaluate your marketing performance on the spot and quickly adjust your strategy and budget to increase your conversion rates. Most call tracking platforms provide various reports – each conveying different but meaningful insights. It all depends on what you’re looking to do with the data. A few of the more common reports may include:

Source-Based – Similar to how Google Analytics documents views or clicks, such reports would highlight how many calls are resulting from organic search, PPC campaigns, social media, etc. These come in handy when trying to understand what drives calls to your business at the aggregate level.

Session-Based – Taking source-level data a bit deeper, these reports begin to investigate specific activities leading to calls. Session-based activities can include specific keywords, campaigns, creative’s, device types, or even landing pages. They are a great tool for optimizing your marketing spend.

Caller – These reports are useful in understanding who is calling you. They allow you to gain visibility on how many new (vs. repeat) callers reach your business every day, on their geography, caller-id prefix, and more.

Calls – Understanding the dynamics of your call center or agents is also important. Such reports can help you examine agent performance with respect to who hung-up first, call duration, the best day of the week, and optimal times of the day.

Our call tracking platform will allow you to export the call data in excel and CSV format so you can create your own custom reports. If you aren’t keen on this choice, you can grant customers or team members’ view-only access to your account and share with them important caller insights. Simple as that!