Static Vs Dynamic Call Tracking

When you want to track phone calls from an advertising channel, where the phone is displayed in a static way, then we use Static Call Tracking. For example, let’s say we want to track inbound calls from a Facebook post or a print ad. We assign a different tracking number to each of them and if the number is dialed, we receive information about the source of the call. The tracking number that is displayed in both ads is static.

On the other hand, Dynamic Call Tracking based on Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Technology, is the method of displaying unique phone numbers on a website, based on a set of predefined rules according to the sources you wish to track. By adding a DNI script on your website, tracking numbers dynamically swap the number on your website and report the source of each call. Simply put, a visitor who clicked on a Google Ad will view a different number than a visitor who engaged organically.

In any case, the customer’s experience is completely seamless. They will interact with these tracking numbers, in the same way as they do with your existing phone number.

We have a specialized DNI plan that you can order with any plan you currently have. The Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) plan is a flat fee plan.

The DNI plan is as follows: 50 local phone numbers for your website. They should ONLY be used with your website for keyword tracking. These 50 numbers have unlimited minutes of use. Abuse of this plan will not be tolerated. Your tracking of keyword(s) on your site is easy with DNI. Since Google stopped giving you the keyword data for your site, this is one of the best replacements on the market today for tracking your keyword(s).

The DNI plan is only:   $49.95 a month*

*you must have any monthly plan to have the DNI plan. (It is an add-on plan)