Call Trax Pro has two pricing plans and of course there is an enterprise plan built specifically for your company.  


Our standard plan is for the lowest usage users. Having this plan is basic economy/value. If you are not getting a lot of talking minutes and do not have a lot of paid ads that you need tracking with.

Our Unlimited Call Tracking Plan is the greatest value for companies that use a lot of paid ads and need more numbers & minutes for the company. While it states 1000 minutes, we are required to state a number but, you will not be charged for over that amount. (Unless clearly abused…)


Our standard plan is $42.95 monthly

Our Unlimited plan is $59.95 monthly

Our Enterprise plans start at $99.95 monthly



Local numbers 6 10
Local minutes unlimited unlimited
Text messages (SMS)
*only inbound messages
0 0
Form submissions unlimited unlimited
Call transcription minutes 10,000 20,000

All call recordings (unlimited) for any plan are included.


        Additions To Your Plan

Local numbers $2.50 ea. $2.00 ea.
Local minutes unlimited unlimited
Toll-free numbers $3 ea. $3 ea.
Toll-free minutes $0.04 ea. $0.04 ea.
Text messages (SMS)
* only inbound messages
$0. $0.
Form submissions unlimited unlimited
Call transcription minutes $0.015 ea. $0.01 ea.



We have a specialized DNI plan that you can order with any plan you currently have. The Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) plan is a flat fee plan.

The DNI plan is as follows: 15 local phone numbers for your website. They should ONLY be used with your website for keyword tracking. These 15 numbers have unlimited minutes of use. Abuse of this plan will not be tolerated. Your tracking of keyword(s) on your site is easy with DNI. Since Google stopped giving you the keyword data for your site, this is one of the best replacements on the market today for tracking your keyword(s). Extra blocks of 15 numbers are always available…

The DNI plan is only:   $49.95 a month*

A second block of DNI numbers will charge at $39.95 a month for the same account. They are allowed on a different website!

*you must have any monthly plan to have the DNI plan. (It is an add-on plan)