Integrations You Want With Your Account

As stated on our site, call tracking integrations can really make your business life much easier, sending call data to the CRM or marketing automation tools you utilize to monitor performance. In other words, you don’t need to sign in to your call tracking account, but find all the information stored in your favorite tools. This is why you should pay extra attention when in the process of choosing a call tracking platform. To make sure that the tools you deploy are in the list of your call tracking provider.

Here is a list with the essential and most common integrations marketers are seeking for:

Google Analytics – Each time a call is placed under your call tracking account, the platform sends an event in your Google Analytics account.

Google Sheets – All the inbound calls your tracking numbers receive are pushed in real-time to the Google Sheet of your preference.

Facebook – An easy way to monitor your call conversions from Facebook campaigns and view them directly in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Hubspot – Identify which marketing campaigns are inspiring prospects to pick up the phone and act. Create new contacts to your Hubspot account every time a call event is recorded and tie them with all their respective tracking details.

Salesforce – Sync your call activity automatically and view all information directly within your Salesforce dashboard.

Zapier – Integrate your call tracking account with more than 2.000 web applications and send data to your marketing tools.

Bing Ads – Keep track of your pay-per-click ad campaigns, drawing insights on specific ad groups and keywords that inspired customers to call your business.

There are many other social media sites and marketing venues for your company. I am sure there are multiple ways to connect to them with us. We are sorry we have not listed EVERY one of those platforms. But the good news is, we are sure we can help you connect to them with our software platform. If you cannot do it yourself in-house, please send us an email and we will gladly help you connect.