Mobile phones are clearly dominating our lives today. Being honest, most would expect phone calls going the way of the dinosaurs. Thinking this way, many internet marketers put all their investments into paid ad traffic and thus, they NEED tracking of those ads.

Phone calls will never go away! A business will always have a phone number!

You will always have phone numbers and companies handling telephone calls. This is how you can save money with your marketing budgets. It is a secondary way of knowing which ads are giving you a return and which ads need to be put in the trash! It will tell you which ad placements with a good ad is giving you a return on your investment, and which are not producing enough to continue.

Of course phone calls matter! They matter A LOT!

And the only way to tap into their importance is simply by including them in the data you track to assess your marketing performance. Here you will learn all you need to know about Call Tracking, the service that many businesses around the globe use to measure and optimize their phone conversions.