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What is call conversion tracking?

Call conversion tracking is the method that allows you to track marketing activities that drive calls to your business. This is done by pairing what we call a virtual number, with a source you wish to track i.e. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Newsletters, Offline ads, etc. These virtual numbers forward calls to your business, with no change in the process whatsoever, allowing you to even record calls or play whispers to agents prior to answering the call.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic Number Insertion is the process of displaying unique phone numbers on a website, based on a set of predefined rules according to the sources you wish to track. By adding a DNI script on your website, tracking numbers dynamically swap on it and report the source of each call. Simply put, a visitor who clicked on a Google Ad will view a different number than a visitor who engaged organically.

Why use Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a must-use tool for any business collecting leads or conducting sales over the phone. Introducing call tracking as part of your marketing assessment tools will give you the ability to gain a holistic view of how well your marketing strategy is performing– including phone call conversions.
Some key benefits of call tracking are:

  • Enhance Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Reduce Cost of Acquisition.
  • Uncover the true ROI of marketing actions.
  • Understand marketing efforts responsible for driving phone leads or sales to the business and quantify the volume and value of such calls.
  • Claim revenues currently not being attributed to various channels and marketing efforts.
  • Unlock insights on what drives your audience to call your business.

While often associated with sales & marketing functions, a call tracking solution can also be introduced to assist with other operational aspects of a business such as scoring sales/agent performance and subsequent training.

Do I need To Change The Number On My Website

Absolutely not! Our script dynamically swaps your phone number with tracking numbers, only to visitors coming from sources you wish to track and for the time-frame you explicitly set. Search engines, crawlers, and all other visitors continue to see your business number, with no change in your code whatsoever.

What Are Tracking Numbers?

Tracking numbers are virtual phone numbers that resemble your business phone number. Choose between Local or Toll Free tracking numbers from over 70 countries and thousands of regions. These numbers belong to you and you can keep them as long as you wish.

How Can I Start Tracking Calls?

Simply choose the marketing sources you wish to track, assign tracking numbers, setup where the calls will be forwarded to and publish the Call Trax Pro pixel on your website. All set!

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking works by assigning unique tracking numbers to specific marketing assets you want to track. These numbers that dynamically swap on your website, forward- seamlessly for the user- calls to your business and capture inbound call activity, providing detailed analytics about the calls.

What Is A Dynamic Number Insertion Script?

A dynamic number insertion script is a tracking code added to your website properties. This script is responsible for swapping your site’s existing phone numbers with those tracking numbers tied to the sources you want to track.

Can I Use My Own Tracking Numbers?

Yes. Call Trax Pro can use your existing tracking numbers, by porting them into our system. This process can typically take from 3-15 working days.

How Many Tracking Numbers Do I Need?

This depends on the level of detail you wish to get on your marketing campaigns. You are able to either assign a single tracking number to each source or assign a pool of tracking numbers to get insights on information such as keywords, campaigns, landing pages and ads that drive calls towards your business.

Can I View Session / Keyword data?

Yes, Call Trax Pro offers session based insights on converted calls just like you view other types of conversions in your Google Analytics account. Each time a customer places a call, we send an event to Google Analytics including the GCLID which provides insights on campaign, Ad-group, keyword, landing pages, affinity groups, etc.

Do You Support Multiple Users?

Yes! Easily collaborate and give access to colleagues, with different access rights.